A bullet fell through my roof! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to everyone and may this new year treat you all great!

I would like to take a moment to remind everyone to be safe this year. I would also like to have some of you who think Newton was a Quack to see this photo set. (Bullets do actually fall back to earth!)

It appears that someone was celebrating and discharged their .40 cal into the air after drinking their 40! This bullet could have easily killed someone as the bullet went through our roof at Autometrics. The bullet was sitting in the floor when we arrived at work on Friday. The dent on the front of the bullet is where it hit the concrete floor. We estimate the bullet hit the building at approx.12:00:10 am Jan 1st.


bulley new years yakima

Bullet we found on floor

hole in roof

the hole in the roof!


Got lucky and did not land on any customers cars!


I am gonna try out flex seal!




























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And Be Safe everyone.

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