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One of my biggest pet peeves with my business is when one of my employees misquotes a bid or misinforms a customer.

Today I noticed I had a 2 star review from one of our customers on Google, so I called my customer and asked him what happened. My customer asked for a quote for a subframe replacement on a Volvo, this is about a $500 job on his car. My employee (30 year service writer)  quoted him $1700! Why? Where did my employee get his information? Was he to lazy to ask one of the mechanics what had to be done or look it up in a labor guide? All I can do is apologize and realize an employee has hurt MY reputation that I have worked hard to earn. This employee has already been let go 2 months ago but I feel terrible! I am thankful my customer did not do the work at my shop, if he had I would have refunded him for the overcharge. Those of you that know me know I would!

My parting thought for the day…a motto I use a lot “No Information Is Better Than Misinformation”

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