Bad new parts!!!

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Well, we just finished a car that has been a difficult case. I get pretty frustrated when i get my time wasted by our suppliers going the cheap route on parts, this one is done, finally, so here is our story.

Customer brings in a 2001 Nissan sentra with lean codes, so we pull out our expensive nissan diagnostic tool and start our diagnostic. Everything checks out good in the car, subframes etc, except for an intermittent throttle position sensor. The airflow meter is not checking out, so we replace it with one from a local supplier.Throttle position sensors do not usually cause lean codes, so we advised the customer of the throttle position sensor and replaced the airflow meter. The airflow meter does not fix the car! We were sure of it, so we call our supplier and get another one, the car runs the same way. In a situation like this, we now spend gross amounts of time and effort trying a new computer for the car, replacing the intake manifold gasket, etc.
Then I get involved and test on the car myself, all indices of logic point to a bad airflow meter, I ask advisor where if was purchased, he tells me it was Napa, so i then tell him i want a Bosch airflow meter, took one day to get it(thats why he went with napa as it was in stock). Guess what the car ran perfect, what a waste of everyone’s time. I just don’t understand why we are in a “parts is parts” industry. When you are shopping for automotive service remember that sometimes it is better to wait for the correct part or use some alternative way of getting the service, like we do when getting the dirt bike parts online. And sometimes it is better to pay a little extra for the correct part.

woohoo… more problem child out of my hair and finally have a happy customer.

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