Chinese clone parts

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There seems to be an abundance of Chinese clone parts out there that are really affecting the quality of auto repair service. We are fighting a battle with customers to purchase quality when some only see low price when they are making a buying decision. The customer is them super disappointed and angry at us when the low buck part fails. It has gotten so bad in the market place that the low quality parts are even making their way into what we once considered quality auto parts stores so they can have a “competitive” line. The bottom line is the parts just fail before they should and should not be used. When you consider the labor required to install parts, it doesn’t make any sense to use any low dollar item as you will have to redo the work. this is why auto repair shops like mine only install quality parts, We have to stand behind them for up to 3 years! Bosch parts are the highest quality.


  1. Hello,
    I recently had unusually problem occur with my car. When the technician went to change the oil, the threads came out with the oil plug removal. This happened on a Friday afternoon. Autometrics rushed shipped in another oil pan and plug to installl on my car. They called me Monday evening that my car was ready, and they sent a van to pick me up and took me to Autometrics. They worked with me on the cost of the repair, by taking some ownership of the plugged thread stripping.
    This company has great technicians, Service and an owner that takes personnel car of his customers!
    I highly recommend you have Autometrics service your vehicle.

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