Engine Oil Flush – Sludge Removal

engine oil flush, sludge removal service in Yakima, WA

Damage free oil flushes

AutoMetrics has the best harm free engine oil flush in Yakima.

How sludge builds

Engines are running hotter, emissions are getting tighter, and fuel is getting worse. What does that mean to you? It means poor combustion is resulting in small blow-by particles building up in your oil. Those are slowly constricting the oil flow to your engine’s internal working components. If you Google “engine sludge” you will be enlightened. The scope of it is huge. The fact is it is here and we have to remedy it. The crankcase ventilation systems we are seeing on modern vehicles are complicated and usually ignored until sludge builds up or something blows oil out. What can be done about it? Engine oil flushes.

Engine oil flush – not just an oil change

An engine oil flush at AutoMetrics consists of connecting a machine to the oil filter housing and drain plug, then a heated detergent solution is circulated through the engine with the ENGINE OFF. The solution in the machine is filtered out down to 5 microns. The machine will then fill the oil pan with the zero weight detergent/oil mix and the car engine will be run from 15 min. up to 2 hours depending on if this is just for maintenance of if we are cleaning previous neglect. After the running flush, we perform a final flush with the engine off again just to be meticulous. The oil is then changed in a usual manner.

Not just for maintenance

We do oil flushes at AutoMetrics for maintenance, but we do quite a few for variable valve timing trouble code repairs and for lifter-cam follower ticking and clicking noises. The engine oil flush is also a fantastic service to have performed if you have a head gasket job done, just to clean out the contaminants that get into the oil when the head is off.

Not a “quickie lube” flush

Typical “quickie lube” “oil flushes” consist of pouring a detergent in your already dirty oil, running it for a few minutes, then draining your oil. Be very cautious of this type of treatment as your oil filter is already plugged and due for replacement. The oil filter will be in bypass mode where no oil is filtered at all, so anything the detergent breaks loose will go through your oil pump, bearings, lash adjusters, oil control solenoids for variable cam timing and the variable cam timing adjusters themselves.

Get your oil flushed by the people who care. Get it flushed at AutoMetrics

Audi Diagnostics

Yakima Audi owners need not worry about getting proper diagnostics performed on their vehicles. AutoMetrics has ASE and Bosch certified master technicians on staff and is equipped with factory or better Audi diagnostic tools so our technicians have the best tools to work with. Our ability to accurately diagnose the issue will save you time and money. This is what allows us to make the right repair and get you back on the road faster than any other Yakima auto repair shop.

– A proper diagnosis leads to a proper repair –

Audi Repair

This is just a short list of some of the systems we repair on Audi vehicles: Brakes, engines, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction and stability control systems, fuel injection, electrical systems, transmissions, clutches, power windows and door locks, heating systems, air conditioning, axles, starters, ignitions, radiators, reprogramming, water pumps, timing belts, ball joints, control arms, wheel bearings, alternators, pre buy inspections, catalytic converters, airbags, belts and hoses, fuel pumps, washer pumps, sun roofs, head lights, tail lights, transfer cases, batteries, and body control systems.

Audi Maintenance

We are the Yakima experts on Audi maintenance and service. From changing oil and all other vital fluids to performing valve adjustments, 30k service, 60k service, 90k service, tune ups, timing belts, timing chains, spark plugs, filters, headlight restoration, cooling system flushes, fuel injection cleaning, power steering flushes, transmission flushes, headlight alignments, thermostats, belts, hoses, antifungal and deodorization services for air conditioning systems, etc. AutoMetrics has all the expertise and factory repair information to ensure your car is reliable and stays dependable for years to come.

We do great work! If you need this service for your car or truck, contact AutoMetrics in Yakima Washington today!