Wheel Bearings

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Wheel bearing service and replacement.

wheel bearing replace and repair packing in yakimaAutoMetrics in Yakima is the best place to go for wheel bearing diagnosis and replacement.

The wheel bearing simply allows the wheels to roll, just like roller skate wheels! Sounds pretty simple, but in practice there are several types of wheel bearings out there. There are modern wheel bearings, which a double roller style (pictured) which are equipped on most cars and trucks nowadays. These types of wheel bearings are maintenance free, so no preventative work is done on them. The one for sure way to damage these types of bearings is to improperly torque the bearing into place. If you se someone just running their impact wrench as hard as they can on this type of bearing, be advised, it will cause premature failure.

The other type of wheel bearings is the tapered bearing and race, we don’t see these bearing much these days, but there are still a lot of them in service. Tapered bearings are not sealed and require periodic bearing packing of wheel bearing grease and adjustment of bearing pre-load

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