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I bet you have heard the old saying:”There is more than one way to skin a cat”

Well when you call a shop for an auto repair bid, there are many, many ways to give you a quote.

1. Just quote a low price to get people to come in and surprise them later!

2. Quote them a job with Chinese parts for less! (the repairs will not last)

3. Quote the repair with high quality parts (which will cost more) and hope they come in.

There are more tactics than these examples, but I will take a moment and go over these so you can get the value you are shopping for. I would assume that is why you are phone shopping in the first place.

1a. This is probably the number one reason most people do not trust mechanics. The mechanic has poor sales experience, or is afraid to loose the customer with a high quote. You agree to have repair work done for what appears to be a great price, when you pick up your car,  you wind up with a big bill surprise! The law states priced must be quoted verbally or written and cannot increase more than 10% . Remember that the next time you are price shopping a job.

2a. When the service writer quotes you for your auto repair, they have A LOT of choices as to which what auto parts are installed on your car. They quote cheap get just that! I have  It is a good idea to ask what the warranty is on their repairs. AutoMetrics has a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on our repairs, so you will never be given a low quality parts bid.

3a. We quote the job properly with high quality parts and hope you come in. We do try our best to explain the difference in pricing. Here is a great example, a basic timing belt job requires a timing belt, water pump, cam seal, crank seal, and  timing belt tensioner. We quote the job right and our quote is $300 more than the guy who just sells you a belt only. You are super happy with his quote and have him go ahead and do the work (assuming it is a proper job). 6 months later your water pump, oil seals, or tensioner go out and you have to repeat the process! Most of the time, the low quote shop will NOT warranty their mistake because they did not actually replace the part that failed.

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