Save money with low price fuel

How to save money with cheap gas!

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Save money with low price fuelI have had this discussion many times with my customers, so many times that i felt i should write it down.  YOU CANNOT SAVE MONEY BY BUYING CHEAP GAS! IT WILL WRECK YOUR CAR!

First lets break down the math. Lets say you filled up your car at your local cheap gasoline joint. You save 10 cents per gallon and you put in 20 gallons. How much did you save? The correct answer is$2.

Now for the fun part, so fun I have broken it down into sub categories.

a.) Low buck fuel contributes to sludge which will eventually plug up small orfices and control valves that either are going to cause a complete oil supply failure, or most likely a variable valve timing fault that usually cannot be repaired without spending approx. $1000.

b.) Low buck fuel does not provide the same fuel economy as top tier fuel. You may even feel the car does not run the same after a fill up.

c.) Low buck fuel has no, or very little detergents. Those detergents help keep deposits that occur during the normal combustion process from accumulating.

d.)Low buck fuel has corrosive properties that damage your fuel pump ($700) and fuel fuel injectors ($350) Pro fuel cleaning ($150)

These are just some examples of typical repairs that result from using poor fuel.

How many times would you have to fill up to save even the $150 repair? I hope you can see where i am going with this……

The best fuel is Texaco or Chevron, they are the only companies that use Techron. Techron is the best fuel injection cleaner.

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