Cooling System Service & Diagnosis For Overheating

 cooling system service for overheating in Yakima, WA

Although an engine can overheat at anytime, blazing temps in Yakima, air conditioning and traffic tend to bring out the worst in your car. Be sure to watch that the dashboard’s temperature gauge isn’t making its way into the red zone, or in a worst case scenario, that steam isn’t escaping from under the hood. There are many reasons why an engine overheats: a loss of coolant due to a leaking hose or radiator; a worn or broken fan belt, a bad water pump or thermostat, or an electrical problem.

What to do if your car overheats (and ensure it doesn’t)

1.Crank your heater to 10, as it can drain some heat from the engine. You can even use this trick when the temperature gauge is running high but not in the red zone (usually you can get your car to a shop in this manner). Remember, if there is heat coming out of the heater, there is still coolant in the engine and engine damage is not likely.

2. Turn off your air conditioner! The air that cools the radiator is preheated by the air conditioning condenser which will make your car run hotter.

3. Drive to a safe location and turn off the engine. The more you step on the gas (the faster you go), the more the radiator will have to work so take it easy!

4. To help the engine cool faster, lift the hood. Don’t do it if steam is coming out and don’t remove a hot radiator cap. Hot, pressurized coolant and steam could erupt from the radiator, burning you. Also, you should never add cold water to an overheated engine as the sudden temperature change can damage your engine.

5. Let the engine cool down, which takes about half an hour to an hour. This is a good time to call for roadside assistance.

6.Check the coolant tank (it’s the translucent plastic tank located under the hood, near the radiator). It may be a leak if it’s empty. If you have coolant, add it to the coolant tank or the radiator, but only after it has cooled down. If you are all out of coolant, just pour it into the coolant tank so you can get to a repair shop. If there’s lots of coolant in the tank, the overheating may be caused by an electrical or mechanical problem.

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Audi Diagnostics

Yakima Audi owners need not worry about getting proper diagnostics performed on their vehicles. AutoMetrics has ASE and Bosch certified master technicians on staff and is equipped with factory or better Audi diagnostic tools so our technicians have the best tools to work with. Our ability to accurately diagnose the issue will save you time and money. This is what allows us to make the right repair and get you back on the road faster than any other Yakima auto repair shop.

– A proper diagnosis leads to a proper repair –

Audi Repair

This is just a short list of some of the systems we repair on Audi vehicles: Brakes, engines, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction and stability control systems, fuel injection, electrical systems, transmissions, clutches, power windows and door locks, heating systems, air conditioning, axles, starters, ignitions, radiators, reprogramming, water pumps, timing belts, ball joints, control arms, wheel bearings, alternators, pre buy inspections, catalytic converters, airbags, belts and hoses, fuel pumps, washer pumps, sun roofs, head lights, tail lights, transfer cases, batteries, and body control systems.

Audi Maintenance

We are the Yakima experts on Audi maintenance and service. From changing oil and all other vital fluids to performing valve adjustments, 30k service, 60k service, 90k service, tune ups, timing belts, timing chains, spark plugs, filters, headlight restoration, cooling system flushes, fuel injection cleaning, power steering flushes, transmission flushes, headlight alignments, thermostats, belts, hoses, antifungal and deodorization services for air conditioning systems, etc. AutoMetrics has all the expertise and factory repair information to ensure your car is reliable and stays dependable for years to come.

We do great work! If you need this service for your car or truck, contact AutoMetrics in Yakima Washington today!